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San Diego Team Building

America’s Cup Sailing offers companies an exclusive and exciting team building activity on San Diego Bay. With our sailing exercise, team members will become a part of the America’s Cup crew and assist in sailing the historic vessel! 

 A Unique Team Building Activity

Under the supervision of our world-class crew members, participants will be guided into making tactical decisions, taking the helm and grinding the winches! Through our exercise, employees will bond, further develop their communication skills, learn how to solve problems as a team, and have the opportunity to display their leadership qualities.

Team Building With America’s Cup:

  • Employees learn to cooperate & communicate better
  • Employees bond & establish new relationships
  • Light refreshments plus photos and videos are included.


Up to 12 Guests



Unique Corporate Team-Building Venue


Each Guest Rotates Through All Of The Crew Positions


Each guest takes a turn at the helm


3-Hour Interactive Sail


Pick A Date & Time


FREE Photos & Videos

Get onboard a unique team building experience

Sailing & Team Building

What you should know

The mission of our team-building event is to get employees or teammates to work together towards a common goal. By participating in our sailing exercise, employees will improve their communication skills, amplify their emotional intelligence, better their problem-solving abilities in times of crisis situations, enhance productivity, and more.

Our authentic America’s Cup racing yachts provide the perfect venue for dividing your group into teams to race one another. America’s Cup Sailing San Diego is the only place in the U.S. with two International America’s Cup Class racing yachts!  Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-16 both competed in the event held in San Diego in 1992.  Your group will join our crew of 6 on each boat to form a team to get the maximum performance out of each racing yacht. Under the supervision of our crew, team members will take the helm, make tactical racing decisions, and grind the winches. 

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Team Building FAQs

What exactly is team-building?

In an perfect world, one would be able to get a group of high-performing people together and have them produce great results.

In the today’s world, high-performing individuals/employees rarely equate to high-performing teams. Some team members don’t get along with others, some have trouble getting across their ideas clearly, and some teams struggle with leadership issues.

“Team building is the process by which organizations enable individuals to come together and form a cohesive team.
At its core, team building is about managing people. Any team is composed of two relationship-types – the relationships between individual team members, and the relationship between individuals and the team as a whole.” Source:

How does sailing and team-building work?

Through this one-of-a-kind team-building activity, people can develop their leadership skills, while improving communication, enhancing emotional intelligence, crisis management, conflict resolution and problem-solving which allows teams to celebrate in the thrill of competition. 

Each team member will have the opportunity to practice different areas of responsibility; at the helm, manning a winch or handling a line. The racing yacht offers an amazing opportunity for you to witness the natural beauty of San Diego bay.  Our Corporate team building sail is all about getting your employees or clients to work together towards a common goal. This could be the best team building activity around and it is an excellent achievement of business goals. The advantages of taking part in this racing competition are as follows:

-Improves communication skills

-Amplifying emotional intelligence

-Problem-solving abilities at times of crisis situations

-Ability to cope with various climatic conditions

-Establishing new relationships

-Enhanced productivity

-Defeating barriers and obstacles

-Creating a brand new team

Remarkable team-work of America's Cup Sailing San Diego.

The crew of America’s Cup Sailing will provide detailed instruction for the guests to be able to achieve their assigned functions.  The guests will refine their leadership skills, build a great team spirit, and learn sailing skills while having fun. The crew of each racing yacht provides complete assistance once on board and during the racing yacht competition. 

Once the team building is complete, the guests are escorted back to the America’s Cup yacht club for refreshments while going through the days’ pictures and videos.

More info on team-building activities

The Stars & Stripes Team Building Event is suited for all groups of people whether you like sailing or not… The ultimate objective is to provide one-of-a-kind team-building experience to people residing in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any visiting groups. Also, this sailing race and charter is open for people looking for fun group activities to do around San Diego, company outing ideas, and corporate party ideas. Through this program, the guests can develop a skill on how to manage and effectively sail the racing yachts. Before taking part in this program, the participants are requested to go through our reviews. The crew of Team USA-11 promises a fascinating experience for the guests involved in the racing competition. This fun group activity includes; witnessing exotic varieties of birds flocking, sea lions, dolphins and other marine life cruising around the San Diego bay. Vital historical information about America’s Cup will be briefed by one of the crew members before the commencement of the race, along with other historic details of the famous San Diego Bay. With guidance, guests will be able to smoothly handle the wheel and participate as a true sailing team during the three-hour exhilarating journey. It is a truly unique hands-on experience for the valued participants. Stars & Stripes is well equipped with boats and crews that are quite comfortable, helping guests interact and participate as crew-members themselves. As a result, the guests need not worry about any sorts of seasickness or getting wet.

Our San Diego Sailboats



STARS & STRIPES USA-11 is an International America's Cup Class (IACC) racing yacht used by Team Dennis Conner in an effort to defend the prestigious America's Cup trophy held by San Diego Yacht Club. With her 1992 state-of-the-art carbon hull and spars, Stars & Stripes is lighter, larger, and faster than previous generations of America's Cup boats. Join us for three hours of interactive and exciting FUN sailing San Diego Bay!

Il Moro


IL Moro di Venezia ITA-16 is an Italian America’s Cup veteran also from the 1992 event in San Diego.  IL Moro is available for racing events versus America's Cup and is well matched as they were built under the same IACC rules.  As a foreign built vessel IL Moro is limited to a maximum of 12 guests, however she can be used for more adventurous activities.  ITA-16 also placed fourth in the IACC World Championship in 1994. 

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Cap or Hat


Chap stick




Jacket, Dress in Layers


Soft Sole Shoes

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